Week 78 – 18 months – numbers! 🤩 Thank you so very much

As you know I keep track of my stats and what I am achieving to make sure it’s worth the many many hours given to everything that Integr8archery CIC was set up to achieve. I complete the weekly update and most weeks a midweek blog drop too to keep you in the loop. As you know the 6 and 12 months stages I updated with stats.

So here I am 18 months! A number of groups are continuing to work with us on a regular basis, frequency varies from group to group.

But today I am concentrating on new hands on bows from June 2023 – December 2023 –

Education including primary and secondary schools and colleges = 384 & 32 = 416

Children in foster care = 13

Community Groups = 81

Disability sessions = 36

The group sessions for those in refuge saw us work with 25 individuals and I am proud to say this period has included a group of men, having previously been just women.

So a total of 571 individuals picking up a bow – (inclusive of soft archery but mostly pointy) in the last 26 weeks

Also 4 archers who had stopped shooting feeling that they had no place in our sport have spent time chatting with me and are back regularly shooting.

Thank you to everyone who lets me share my passion for this sport that I love but also to the coaches who work it’s me, you are all amazing and between us there’s not much we cannot achieve.

I have also attended:

8 training sessions/courses,

9 webinars/seminars,

16 meetings

and 5 conferences.

I am excited for the very many things planned for 2024 and continue to be motivated by what is being achieved by Integr8archery CIC.

There’s lots to share with you all in the coming months and these figures only tell part of the story as you will soon see.

I hope that you have enjoyed the holiday season so far and wish you all a very happy 2024 and I do hope it’s filled with love and laughter for you all ❤️🏹🥂

I guess I need to move indoors? Resistance appears to be futile! 😂🫣🤷‍♀️ Do your own comparisons is definitely my advice though 🤔🤨

I have tried to resist moving indoors, I have never liked it, always cling to drag out the end of outdoors but ultimately have to admit defeat and recognise everyone has gone inside for the winter.

I haven’t shot an arrow for 20 days as I sat and contemplated what the latest changes mean for my shooting. Ultimately it’s just about trying to keep shooting and I am grateful that there are people who will work with me but the last couple of weeks seems like various bits of my body are suddenly being recognised as issues in a variety of areas of my life and it’s been hard to listen to some of the conversations.

So I drew a line and said today would be it, get inside and shoot a scored round.

Rougher than usual couple of days PTSD wise and I lay awake at 2 this morning churning a variety of things over. Nightmares and bad sleep have been part of my life since 1996 so I am not unused to this but, the last couple of years have seen some serious issues and some days it’s just blooming hard work.

Off I went, got the kit set up and there we have it, despite thinking about it, I forgot to pick up the indoor arrows so had to shoot today with the outdoor arrows 🫣 if I had gone home I likely wouldn’t have come back out 🤔

Outdoors I have an agent but some times, indoors, if I am feeling strong and the pain is low I will collect my own arrows. Great idea, as I discovered that the wrist brace prevents me from pulling my arrows properly and after 3 ends had to admit defeat and ask someone to pull them for me! Those who know me well will have an idea how well I took this discovery! Feels like another kick! Thank you to Pete for the help today.

I decided to stick with the release aid fastened to me, frankly the mind was in no mood to start with the wrist release today 😬 only two shoulder spasms – easily spotted on the scorecard by the miss and the 1! But as through the summer the shoulder just struggles for stability so scores were somewhat erratic, pretty much a continuation of the outdoor season 😞🤷‍♀️ expected but there’s always hope.

Part way through a change in the surrounding environment saw my anxiety spike and I considered stopping but really did want a score to lay down the start of indoors and yes I know there will be a host of opinion around continuing versus quitting. So completed and not great but it’s done and I have lots to think about.

So, outdoor season I had set a goal, started well with 4 PB’s and enough to earn me the Bowman 3rd class, not what I wanted but as most of the season I earned archer 3rd or 2nd class scores, it’s all I can claim.

It doesn’t matter what happened as I physically broke down, it’s disappointing. Particularly as I had worked hard in the previous 5 outdoor seasons, had achieved my hard fought 1st class in 2021 and then maintained it in 2022 despite being so mentally unwell. I spent the 2023 season constantly comparing the scores into the old classifications as the first year in the new system gave me no information.

The indoor season will be the same, scores put into the new system but I will use the old system for me to compare. Interestingly the indoor table shows comparable old v new but I am glad I used the tables from the old system as it gave me different information.

Today I shot a Stafford, I believe I have done one before but I have no record so it was clearly in the app that saw me loose all of my information. I scored 566.

In the new classifications this is an indoor archer 2 according to the archery calculator. The tables provided by AGB show an indoor archer 2 is the same as an old G.
However this is incorrect as 566 was an E! And interestingly another 11 points would have moved me to a D but the archery calculator shows no change!

So my advice? If you want to compare do it yourself 🤗 because today I got an E class score which is a long way from last years C classification I earned but it’s no G!

So, indoors I am, but I will do my own work as I go about changing to hopefully get me back outdoors next year.

Wow what a weekend that was ❤️🏹

In March I sat down and set my goals for the outdoor season.

Taking into account that 2018, 2019, 2020 I got a second class, 2021 finally my first and after an awful, torrid 2022 ground out another first. Knowing that where I had been in 2021 was gone for me, but the terror of 2022 was being dealt with and that mentally I had safe spaces I set those goals and looked forward to the summer.

One that would see me enjoy the whole week at Dunster and volunteer for AGB along with starting a new, amazing job.

Knowing that I hadn’t barely had an indoor season as I devoted my time to family and particularly dad’s last weeks but had, in those few occasions I had picked up my bow achieved a C class – my best ever indoor classification. I signed up to AGB’s #great arrow count and set off to see what summer would bring.

Well initially I achieved 4 personal bests in different rounds and 2 x bowman 3rd class scores – decent start I felt.

Then my shoulder started to grumble and over the next few weeks that grumbling got louder. The issue with my hands but especially my right hand, that I had been having for 6/7 years and had been gradually deteriorating suddenly, rapidly becoming a huge issue. So my shooting fell apart, no matter as I set about asking questions and looking for answers whilst carrying on, scores didn’t matter at all, smiling with a bow in my hand certainly did! Then of course we have those vocal folks who believe their opinion matters! That my scores are so appalling I have no right to be on the shooting line! Well huge raspberries to you and your opinions because your knowledge of me is zilch so you don’t have an opinion that I need!

So the great arrow count is done – 26 weeks and I have shot 15,669 arrows. Not as many as I planned. But 60% of my aim back in March. A combination of 19 scored rounds or competitions in target archery, approximately 2/3 of what I had intended. None of the 3 flight completions I had intended to attend. A combination of the new job, shifts, health and family commitments and the responsibilities I now have with dad gone impacting these aims.

Plans made with work and family to help me resolve the time issues and of course huge plans to work my backside off over indoors with bow, new release aid and pretty much a new way of shooting for me to continue to be on the shooting line and get ready for outdoors 2024.

Desperately disappointed in my classification but also happy to still be shooting at all. There has been a constant theme since I signed up to my beginners course in 2018 that I should not bother and I should quit. Thankfully I am possibly one of the most stubborn and bloody minded folks or I would certainly have quit on many occasions!

So I have one more outdoor competition in a few weeks and then indoors it will be to learn my new way forward! Planning ahead for what the possible surgeries might mean and two further steps in case the issues with my hand/arm/elbow deteriorate further and further again. Like me the county captain is a planner! 🙃

I thoroughly enjoyed this weekend – scored round stood up on Saturday and shooting the county champs Sunday morning followed by agenting Sunday afternoon, all done with amazing company 🥰

Thank you as ever to those who support me in continuing to hold my bow – forever grateful 🤗

Blown away by the words of friendship from three different people in 3 different places this weekend – always strange to hear positive thoughts about me and how I am perceived by people who have opinions I value and they had made those thoughts public!

A photo sent to me Sunday evening that, for me, truly showed me how far I have come from 16th May 2022 – wow 🤩

Lots coming this weekend and I will explain as we go through the week, for now, I am off to bed 😴🫣

1st anniversary 🥳 PTSD awareness day – perfect timing ❤️🏹

Well hello there, pull up a chair!

For those of you who have been here from the beginning you may have noticed the date! 52 weeks in a year right? So that would make today the day! 365 days – yes? So that would make tomorrow the day 😜 but as you know I do my end of week blogs on Tuesday and a midweek blog on Saturday. So please forgive me – I’m using the 52 weeks for my celebrating 🥳

A small group of people woke up 52 weeks ago to a message that I had been up all night with paper scattered all over the floor making lists of pros and cons and planning and the decision had been firmly made that I was sticking with my sport, as an archer, with my projects, getting it out there to new people but also continuing to work with those already in the sport who faced changes of various kinds to stay with the sport. After months of various people telling me I could, I had heard the message the evening before and decided he and all the others offering to support me might be right, I had been doing this for years before I collaborated and I could do it going forward without those collaborations too.

So I needed to set up a business, quickly and move forward with the world understanding who I am and what I wanted to do, but first I needed a name – we had sorted it between us within 3 hours, a logo was next – I had that by tea time! A plan, I had created that in the middle of the night. A website started the following day, a Facebook page, instagram ………. an announcement to the world! What a first week! Community Interest Company – non profit – status granted, terms firmly set. An archery club – a committee and away we went!

6 months allowed me to reveal amazing stats, available because in January 2021 I started to keep stats on my hours as a response to criticism about why a person would volunteer and not do all of these things for profit. Stats on the projects were easy as I had been keeping those for years.

Those figures were seen by my dad, my weekly voice of reality in those 6 months as I started Integr8Archery a week after his diagnosis and the news he only had a few months left. Those conversations were a break for us both from the conversations about his illness, his treatment and the information we had about what his wishes were and what a future without him might be. I was proud he saw those figures, he was proud of what I had achieved in those 6 months. A week later – as I was writing my 27 weeks blog, I was sat chatting to him knowing there was very little time left, but he had wanted to know everything and so we shared the writing of that blog just hours before he lost his fight. I want him here to see what I have to share today, he isn’t, but I know what he would say, because he shared his thoughts and I hear him daily 🤗

So, my 2 a week blogs have kept you up to date with events and plans.

52 weeks in Numbers –

52 weeks = 1085 hours of my time given, for free to Integr8Archery! For every 1 hour there has been a bow in the new hands of 1.9 people! So many sustainable groups along with one off sessions or short term groups. Community groups that strive to include everyone – to hit my aims for equality, inclusion, diversity and accessibility.

“ changing lives through archery”

But what else, we know I don’t just give my time to Integr8Archery.

I have given 206.5 hours of my time to Archery GB to volunteer as part of the competition workforce. I shoot and I love competitions and whilst I am only ever interested in what I am doing, comparing myself only with myself, I know competitions only happen because of volunteers – give it a go! It’s by far the best blue shirt there is, to wear amongst a great volunteer family.

I have also given 34 hours to other things, such as marshalling, I use other sports to help me stay grounded, mix with others. It certainly helps with my headspace to keep my circle wider than my sport, one that I love, but one where I was taken to my knees.

So, that’s 1325.5 hours of my time given as a volunteer across sports. 25.4 hours a week! That’s on top of my very demanding day job, my family and friends and my own shooting. I don’t sleep, we know that, what else would I do with my time 😂🫣🤷‍♀️ I mean we get 168 hours in a week, how do you spend yours 🙃

Thank you to my family, friends, club committee and every coach or ear/shoulder of support from 28/6/22 to date.

It blows my mind that just 6 weeks prior to that I was sat in A&E because I found myself in a place that meant I could only see one answer, simply not to be here at all! Well if I had succeeded that day over 2000 people are unlikely to have picked up a bow!

Seriously though, I have been asked why I share what’s happening with my mental health? Why? Because it might just help even 1 person and if it does that’s what matters.

In the autumn I was formally diagnosed with PTSD, see why it’s relevant that today – my year is also PTSD awareness day!

My mental health has been an issue since 1996 and the trauma that changed everything, over the years it’s created a number of issues and I do share about them. I have had a number of ways to deal with that and learn methods to handle the issues that I face and live with. However from November 2021 to June 2022 someone set about destroying those methods leaving me in a darker place, with my grounding and management techniques removed – coping was unlikely.

My counsellor is amazing, without a doubt a focus has helped and here I sit, with these amazing numbers to show as a result of that focus.

I have tried new things, we’re still learning how to replace what I had taken. I do know that if you look at how relaxed I am on the range, shooting, smiling on arrival and departure – wow, look at the change from the fear and the tears of 2022. Thank you for the support and hugs and patience that I was shown and to the clubs who now give me safe space where I know my mind can calm.

There have been happenings in the last couple of weeks that have made me stumble and I can say that I am about to embark on another new step, having signed up to a programme with The Frank Bruno Foundation. I will let you know how it goes.

I sit here with a list of planned events, new ideas bouncing around even just Monday 26/6/23 seeing communications starting around some possible VI work and new sustainable sessions. Exciting things to come in the second year of Integr8Archery CIC. I am proud of what I have achieved so far and excited about what is to come. You are welcome to continue to join me – the 2 blogs a week will continue for those who are interested. Saturday will give you a little more information about how those numbers I have quoted here breakdown.

Today? Eat cake and raise a cuppa with me 🥳

See you all soon, it is a privilege to be allowed to be a part of what our sport can give to those who pick up a bow ❤️🏹 thank you 🥰

Week 46 – start archery completed … and breathe 🧘

Start archery is finished for 2023! Our two days on the 8th May and the 13th May saw 72 and 103 people join us and a total of 129 people across the two events picked up a bow for the first time! That’s great news for our little club and my community interest company.

Thank you to Weavers School for our great partnership, Wellingborough Muslim Community for trusting me and Northamptonshire Sports for helping us get the 4 sessions on for the WMC group. I never take the support of others for granted, and as these figures show, together we can achieve amazing things.

It is also a good time to thank Archery GB who in 2021 gave me a little pot of money (£1000) to see how I could use it for my projects, much of this was used to fund training for workforce, two instructors (£450) and half funding for 2 sessions coaches (£250) The remaining monies (£300) was put toward the cost of my indoor netting and frames to allow sessions to be out on at schools and other venues.

Why is it a suitable time to thank them again? Because those two sessions coaches who do work within my education project this weekend helped with the second start archery session.

A large focus for this week was of course the charity abseil I was doing on Friday at Millers Dale viaduct and I thank everyone who has sponsored me and my cousin, the help we had from the palliative care car that is funded by the hospice was invaluable and these things are the least I can do.

I managed to shoot at the Wellingborough Open Archery Club competition on Sunday. Purely for fun as the sessions to sort my bow out in the week had to be cancelled due to the storms, I was asked if it was really necessary to cancel – erm yes! We don’t shoot in thunder and lightening – and just to prove why, a house along the way from us did get hit and had quite the fire as a result! Thankfully no one was injured.

I managed to catch up with some friends and enjoyed the day at WOAC so that is all good. As expected the score was poor but a badly set up bow was always going to see that happen. Hopefully to be sorted this week, time booked so let’s hope the weather holds off!

in the five years I have been shooting my OCD traits have been very obvious! I shoot in nice number volumes ordinarily 30’s, 60’s etc, so this week’s total of arrows shot for the #greatarrowcount is hurting my eyes with 486 arrows 😱🫣🤷‍♀️ but hey what can you do?

Right, off to do lots of planning for club, groups and sessions and my own shooting.

Take care and look after you.

This week is mental health awareness week so please take a look at the link and see what you might be able to do for yourself or others.

Week 39! 9 months – wow and thank you 😍

39 weeks! 9 months! Wow!!

Yesterday was a perfect example of why I love doing what I do. A meeting with Northamptonshire Sport and Wellingborough Muslim Community to finalise the plans for our start archery event on the 8th May and the 3 planned sessions afterwards for those who want to participate after the event.

The next cuppa and catch up with the Children’s Coaching Collaborative and it was another great conversation around the voice, choice, journey. Sharing thoughts and ideas with like minded individuals is always motivating and multi sport environments is a great reminder that we are all trying to reach the same goals.

If you recall the blog I did at 26 weeks as my first 6 months round up you will remember I provided a bunch of stats and figures. If you didn’t see it if you type 26 weeks in the search box it’ll bring it up for you.

So what has the last 13 weeks held?
Obviously on a personal scale the loss of my dad overshadows absolutely everything else and I miss our weekly chats about what I am doing with Integr8Archery.

On a personal archery note I had cancelled my indoor season to allow family to be priority but I have managed to pick up my bow and shoot and with some practise and scored rounds I have managed to achieve a C classification. My 5th indoor season and something that I have never before managed!! I am really happy with that – let’s be honest if we round up the 5 years I have been shooting – struggling with pain, having to become a seated archer, covid and whatever we describe the last 17 months as, the battle to shoot has been tough but at the moment my shooting seems to be settled, consistent and at the moment, the strongest it’s ever been.

What about Integr8Archery?

Well the club has its school partnership to allow shooting on weekends and planning is happening for the competitions we will host and a number of community activities.

It was fantastic to see the DISC group have their first archery session several years since the bows were last picked up, this was also the first session delivered by 2 coaches coming on board to help Integr8Archery achieve it’s goals.

Lots of meetings, several new groups looking to see what we might be able to accomplish together.

The education project has seen an additional 63 children pick up a bow and try our sport and today the children who are part of the archery club at Wrenn school will be receiving the first certificates awarded from the Integr8Archery progression scheme that we have created. Incredibly proud of what they have achieved.

Thank you for all of your support so far, see you on a range soon.

Optimistic in week 32 – I am who I am due to amazing role models that I have been blessed to have in my life.

We all know that archery is great for mental health. My family have pulled together in recent weeks as we approached the day of dad’s funeral but loosing dad on the 3/1/23 was the second huge blow we had faced in a few short weeks as we had lost my uncle, Philip Hinchley on 14/11/22. These two amazing men could not be better role models, their belief in family and friends but also as examples of spending many hours freely for the benefit of others. Dad did this through the Buffs and helped raise money for charity, Uncle Philip was heavily involved in the Woodstock Minor Soccer Association. Their dedicated belief that a person can use their time to make a difference has definitely influenced my belief in the same. I am some times asked why I volunteer so many hours of my time for others, mostly now through sport but in other ways too. Well, because they have both shown me what can be achieved by someone with determination.

Grief has brought so many of us together from 3 countries and on Saturday some of us were kindly hosted by Wellingborough Open Archery Club to shoot together and in some cases have their first taste of our sport. Thank you to those who coached but also the members who took the time to chat and share their love of archery with my family. A warm welcome was extended to us.

Again it’s been another week of meetings and planning and online catch ups and the coaches have been sharing what’s happening in the various groups. Exciting to get a message from a coach on Monday to tell me that another 50 children have been taught to safely shoot in their PE lessons – curriculum is such a huge step in the schools who have welcomed Integr8Archery and the archery in education project in to their school.

Whatever you are doing this week, enjoy it and stay safe, but stay in touch too ❤️🏹

Ticking on, busy weekend ahead.

With everything going on my time is restricted but I am gradually picking up on communications properly and starting to make plans for 2023. There should be a flurry of emails coming out over the weekend and I have a plan now for the next 5 weeks of work and personal life, I will be splitting my time between Northamptonshire and Derbyshire so meetings that had been planned for face to face may find themselves on zoom or alternative, thank you to those have done that with me this week already.

New contacts and existing projects are all slowly moving forward now that I can settle into a routine and certainly getting regular feedback on how the schools are doing is a big boost to my mood. Though we are currently down a school due to a serious injury and rehabilitation for the coach – continued love and best wishes to Julie for a great and smooth recovery. This week has seen 218 return to shooting. Thank you to all the coaches who are helping this happen whilst supporting me.

Short but sweet, I look forward to seeing the few people I have managed to squeeze in next week for face to face meetings, I have no doubt that being around some arrows will help lift me ❤️🏹

See you all soon and thank you for your continued support.

26 weeks, 6 months!! Oh my! Thank you and some numbers🥰

I cannot believe that it’s been 6 months! It’s been a massive learning curve and in so many ways. I have to say thank you to everyone who has supported me in anyway from helping put on a session, to listening to me bounce ideas around, to just giving me a nudge when I think I might not be good enough.

I was literally on my knees on the 27th June having been barely surviving for 6 months and really hit a very dark place, a small group of incredible people had literally, some days helped me to breathe and dragged me through but on that Monday evening I genuinely couldn’t see any way to keep my sport at all. To continue to shoot or to continue my work within it.

What I hadn’t counted on were 2 people that evening – one who shared their own story and then told me to put on my brightest leggings – I guess it was my very specific version of being told to put on my big girl pants and fight 😉 if you know me, you would know that was probably hitting the nail on the head. The other was someone who had stood back, remaining neutral and that evening decided to express their opinion after months of being quiet. It turns out my quiet friend has a very specific brand of motivational talking, and a lot like my counsellor mostly leaves me with my thinking significantly questioned, challenged and with a lot of work to do within my own mind. His timing was perfect! I think earlier would have failed and maybe he knew that.

For his trouble, the following morning he and a selected bunch of others awoke to messages explaining my early basic plans and what I needed to do to get started. So 28th June 2022 Integr8Archery was born, and here I am 26 weeks later, 6 months!! Having achieved so much, and with so very much still to do.

I thought it would be a great time to look at some numbers because in recent weeks I have been asked by a number of people for some details, and also use what I had done previously to add some context. So, if you are interested here are some figures, grab a cuppa and have a read:

I completed my beginners course in 2018 and I have held lots of roles since then, I did do some volunteering within the sport before I became an archer myself but I thought 2018 seems like a decent place to start and yes, this is all volunteering, and it doesn’t include what I have done at AGB competitions or for other sporting events outside of archery.


  • 1. helped out on 3 taster days – attended by local community groups and saw 143 people pick up a bow.
  • 2. helped out at 4 beginners course – 49 people completed those courses


  1. Organised and put on a county charity event
  2. helped at 5 taster days – attended by 185 people
  3. helped at 3 beginners courses – 37 people completed
  4. organised archery for 2 multi sports events – helping 72 people get a taster of our sport
  5. volunteered for archery at the World Transplant Games


The year of the pandemic! I did lots of things this year but by far my biggest achievement was helping with the return to sport guidance particularly when I picked up the phone following the original release and explained that until every archer was given the opportunity to choose to return we hadn’t yet gotten it right, those initial steps prevented some of our most vulnerable members being given the choice!

I attended so many webinars and workgroups, not just within archery but within multi-sports settings both locally and nationally and took the opportunity to study and learn for my role in safeguarding, being furloughed gave me the chance to do some of those things I had never had time for.

Sitting on the range for hours every day helping people feel confident enough to come back to shooting or try a new sport they discovered whilst locked in and searching the web, was incredibly rewarding and the ability to work with other grassroots sports to help each other was definitely another advantage to that time as we all took to get to know each other, bonds created which we still use now.


  1. 3 taster days – 135 people with a bow in their hands
  2. 5 beginners courses across 3 clubs – 72 people completed
  3. business games events – 135 people shooting
  4. organised and hosted a county charity event

    archery in education starts with –
  5. wave 1 – 102 children shooting
  6. wave 2 – 136 children shooting
  7. primary school sessions – 57 children shooting
  8. colleges – 27 students shooting
  9. Out Of school educated children – 87 people with a bow in their hands for the taster sessions and 32 going onto weekly sessions
  10. 10 school staff completing an instructors course
  11. 29 coaches across all levels helping put these sessions on


up to April

  1. 9 secondary schools – 118 children shooting
  2. out of school setting children – 27 children shooting
  3. 3 local community groups having 4 sessions each – 48 individuals shooting


first 6 months

  1. 13 secondary schools across 3 counties after school clubs – 208 children
  2. 2 schools now have Integr8Archery satellite clubs – 23 children
  3. weekly curriculum sessions providing archery for 72 children
  4. 4 primary schools – 68 children
  5. 3 nursing homes – 31 individuals
  6. Weekly sessions for 4 weeks for ladies from a local refuge = 15 people, LGBTQIA+ support groups = 28 people & foster families = 13 children
  7. helping 3 school games events – totalling over 200 children shooting
  8. 2 flight archery workshops – introducing 18 people to this style of archery
  9. Integr8Archery club – currently collating the paperwork for 38 children and 11 adults
  10. getting access to the anti violence pledge available online
  11. obtaining Community Interest Company status and ensuring the very strict guidelines to being non profit are set and unchangeable – my way and no one else’s regardless of who collaborates with me – set in stone so I can relax
  12. start my journey to become a disability sports coach and learn 5 new sports
  13. joining forces with Sport for Development Coalition, Children’s Coaching Collaborative, We are Undefeatable, Belong and continuing to build and strengthen the relationships with the National Governing Body, Sport England, Northamptonshire Sports, local archery clubs and counties who have the same aims, and numerous groups who, together, we continue to learn to bring people to sport but to protect them whilst they are in our care.

Throughout this time I have continued to work in my safeguarding role and deal with incidents as they arise, develop my knowledge and support a number of families in well-being. Whatever else happens, I stand by my promise that I will make sport safer for everyone and to help support those where issues have created failure of care. Together we can create change.

So without a doubt, thank you to those who told me I did have a place, there’s a lot of shooting happened because you didn’t just watch me walk away when I thought I had no alternative.

Volunteering, friends and rewards

So this weekend sees the last AGB tournament of 2022. What do I get out of giving my time to these events? The privilege of being part of an amazing team who together put on world class events.

The only way you can find out how much you can enjoy it is to have a go. So why not take a look and see what you could be involved in.

Is it hard work? Yes. Will you enjoy it? I would be surprised if you don’t!! Will you want to do it again? I believe so!! My family of blue shirts are pretty amazing and achieve fantastic events by being the best team there is.

This weekend my amazing friend is joining us – let’s see how she gets on.

With everything that has gone on this year I had withdrawn from competition volunteering but that didn’t last very long did it 😂

I have volunteered at:

Junior National Outdoor Championships

European Youth Championships

European Para Championships

National Tour Finals

AGB National County Team Competition

AGB National Indoor Championships

Junior National Indoor Championships

18 days – you don’t have to give that much of your time 😂but I think you should give it a try and see what you think.

I was asked why I hadn’t just walked away this year and why I stayed with my sport and fought for my projects. There are still days I see it as a possibility- but it takes care of me as much as I take care of it! Plus I only have to start looking at stats to remind myself of what I am doing it for. I have been looking at numbers in a big way for the last month. I will share more of these another day but how about this one? Every week in Northamptonshire alone my Archery In Education project sees 225 children shoot on a weekly basis, that doesn’t include the ones who drop in for a taste!

Worth fighting for surely? Then there are my other projects!!

I have not lost sight of the ones I had to drop either, every now and then I look at them and ponder, could I pick them back up? It would be a lot on my own and at the moment I have to be realistic and say no.

Right I need a cuppa, see you Tuesday for 23 weeks!!