week 103 – busy, amazing, inspired

Some times you just need to chill, reset and think, back to when I first started volunteering at 16 years old, to 1996 and the promises I made to myself if I survived all of that, to when I first held my first niece, the first time I held my children. I have children, nieces, nephews and godchildren, all of whom I have made promises.

I have made mistakes, I am after all human, there are stories around them, to judge me is your right but without context I would question your opinion. At times my motivation has faltered, I get exhausted by the world, but I do believe we each have the power to bring about change, no matter how small, and together we can be unstoppable.

I choose who I work with and who I invite to each event, on each project carefully, most definitely one of the great advantages of having created Integr8archery CIC. On my tired days, it would be easy to stay in the house and hide, I have after all been known to do that for many months, so I pull on my shoes and I visit a group on those days, because seeing the impact of what I am trying to do always, always motivates me to stand up and do more.

Review meeting held this week, some decisions made to change, adjust some things and for a couple of groups the consideration that we may have to end them, the work cannot all be mine, sustainability is the focus, support set up, mentor and hand it all over, if that’s not happening I do have to consider why and what I need to do.

Overall the reviews have shown amazing things, and there have been meetings about new groups and events, the coming months are going to be bust and hopefully full of fun.

Inclusion and accessibility sum up the majority of what I am aiming for, allowing individuals to try new activities with dignity and adapting the sport not the person is what’s important to me, I, along with those who work with me strive for these things.

Swinging in the park, chatting with young people, watching amazing students in their school performance show how their differences do not hold them back, and that they can be themselves freely, inspires me to step towards the 3rd year of integr8archery with passion and inspiration.

Spending time with my county team mates, chatting with people who know me in sport, out of sport, an amazing message from someone I mentored for 3 years in my workplace about what I gave them and how that impacts how they live life now – wow! I can be my best version of me and step forward into 24/25.

Busy few weeks at work, transitions for young people in whom I can see how amazing they are, worth being shattered to support them when life hits bumps in the road.

Got to get some work done on my bow this coming week ready for Dunster!

Catch you on the range my friends ❤️🏹