Integr8Archery Club and Friends

Why do we have a club?

Put simply – to allow us to be self sustaining in the same way that we aim for the groups that we help to create.

Some of the groups have individuals who are shooting who wish to belong to a club, who have ambitions and want a supportive environment. Plans had been made for them to satellite from local clubs but after being let down the solution is to form our own club.

So here we are, up and running and ready to go, our first committee meeting was held on 8/8/22 and shall be the date we use for anniversaries.
The committee and their contact details are below:


Helen Sharpe


Lucy Thomas


Megan Kett

Safeguarding Team

Helen Sharpe

Daniel Smitton

General committee member

Chris Trasler

Tournament Organiser

Ben Horner

Some extra details around who each of us are will be added soon just so that we don’t remain strangers.

Friends of Integr8archery

I have been blessed by the support I have received in setting up the community interest company as a way of taking my projects forward. I have been asked about brand ambassadors or a pro team, but I much prefer the term –

Friends of Integr8archery

So, as I have been asked if you can join us if you have a club already, the answer is simply – of course you can.

We like archery friends and welcome everyone and regardless of if you choose to pay your AGB fees through us, directly to AGB or through another club, friends are always welcome here.

Some of our friends who choose to wear an Integr8Archery shirt were worried about not feeling loyal to their first club and wanted to support both, for this reason you may see the name of their first club in place of their own name on the back of their shirt.

So, welcome, grab a drink, pull up a chair and let’s relax and support each other. ☕️!

I have also been taken by surprise by messages that I have received from people who have seen the shirts and recognise them as being part of a group who support each other and how it’s made them smile to see them on the ranges. Thank you for the kind words 🤗❤️🏹

Prices for Integr8Archery apparel are:

Shirts £37 each

Hoodies £45 each

both by Lionhart

Big bobble hats £23 each

Please do keep the photographs of the shirts on ranges coming in, they make me smile so very much.

Where do we shoot?

We are very excited to have partnered with Weavers school in Wellingborough to support our joined goals of providing opportunities for the community.

We shoot outdoors and offer sessions on many Saturday and Sundays and some week days, members are emailed on a regular basis to keep them updated with the shooting schedule.

Guests are welcome with proof of their Archery GB membership and a fee of £5 will be charged.

Please do not just turn up but contact me on

first to ensure that there will be space for you, as you can appreciate priority will be given to club members first.

Our junior members are setting their own goals and we hope to see you on ranges soon.

Keep a watch too as we will be announcing details of the competitions that we will be hosting in joint partnership with the school, there will be:

1 day event


2 day event

for both the indoor and outdoor seasons, starting with the indoor season 23/24. We cannot wait to share the details of them with you.

These will be to raise funds for the school archery club and to fund the grassroots projects run by Integr8Archery.