week 91 – a year and 9 months!

Wow! It never doesn’t amaze me what I am achieving with my “little business” – I hear dad in my mind often and his supoort and chats were so important. I wish I could chat with him now 🤗

I said I was stepping back to concentrate on the issues we have going on outside of archery but I am still very happy with the number for this quarter, what a three months it’s been – in and outside of archery! 🤔 but I think things are a little more settled though there are still lots of hospital appointments as we try and get answers outside of sport.

Mostly this is just another thank you, thank you for supporting me, to the many of you who have respected my reduction in hours given, it does mean I don’t have to stop altogether if I can focus where I need to when I need to.

indoor season is over, I am happy with the little things that I have achieved but haven’t been able to focus on my shooting so that needs to change and I have booked in some competitions to get my motivation back.

So what has been achieved in this 3 months? Lots of meetings, the start of my role as vice chair of NFDS, and as for bows I hands?

Schools – 93 new hands but some returners too.

children in care – 8

disability groups – 19

along with helping 3 people return to the sport, met by chance but loving hearing how they are settling in the new spaces I have helped introduce them to.

For a period that I am sat back and doing less I am thrilled with those numbers.

Have a great Easter break