Week 90 – wow almost another quarter has passed!

When I think back to 2021 and early 2022 and the plans that I had worked hard on for years and now things were going to launch from June 2022 to October 2023, the excitement of all of my work coming together across a total of 17 projects!

Then the destruction that was unleashed and where that left me. The amazing people who stood by me, who never gave up.

The decision, nerve wracking as it was to pull 8 of my projects out of that fire and create Integr8archery CIC and how my work in the time since has solidified my belief in what I can do, alone, but with the right people who I choose to work with.

The right groups and organisations that I have chosen to join or collaborate with and what I have been able to achieve. As I am looking at the latest figures for sharing next week I am pleased, they look great and that’s knowing that I have stepped back a little to concentrate on health and home whilst we await answers.

So this last week has seen 3 webinars, the Northamptonshire together fund event, some meetings with new interested parties wanting to discuss how we might get things started for them and a couple of review meetings for ongoing sessions, these are always a good way of keeping things working, and can re-energise sessions.

Lots planned for this coming week, training, studying and meetings, looking forward to Saturday evening and an invitation from friends made at one of our groups sessions.

So, whatever you are doing, stay well and enjoy it all. It’s true what they say, the dark will eventually pass, do I wobble? Yes! But I have most certainly found peace and the ability to forgive myself for trusting the wrong people. I am stood on solid ground, I am waiting for answers on something important, but I also have changed how I look at that whole situation too, I am never going to regret raising my voice for the safety of others, what happens, happens. Sending the email that I did at the weekend in reply to the latest step, has at least stopped the anxiety created by thinking of what I might write in my response.

catch you all on a range soon I hope ❤️🏹