Schools, soft archery and inclusion

Meeting Blaze

I have been working on my schools project since I picked up the phone to Northamptonshire Sports in May 2021. The joy I get watching children pick up a bow and shoot their first arrow, then a few tweaks and hitting the boss and away we go.
I often hear talk of soft archery versus real archery!!
There is a place for both!

Soft archery can allow for challenges that require a slower learning pace, moving to pointy arrows at a steadier progression. Maybe strength issues?
Space related issues , preventing full boss and off shoot areas in keeping with the rules of shooting.
3 weeks ago I was invited to help out at the Wellingborough leg of the inter county soft archery competitions.

On the day awarding individual and team medals, whilst finding the four teams to go through to today’s event.
2 different archery competitions – arrows and inclusive archery.
Again individuals and team events awarded medals but in the wider environment of the county school games hosted by Northamptonshire Sports.

18 competitions, 138 teams, 1200 participants and 160 young leaders supporting the different activities.

A great day of encouraging children to push their boundaries through sport, meeting newly trained young leaders from a variety of sports and watching the confidence of both grow.

An amazing environment to pick up on conversations 3 weeks ago and also start new ones around possibilities for the coming school year and ideas to help the activity partnership. Along with an idea and a possible event to thank the volunteers for their hard work which allows a lot of grassroots sport to happen.

My archery in education project just keeps moving forward.

To quote Northants Sports –

“active children are happy children”

As always a privilege to work with my son who always amazes me.

Proud we were both part of a great day of inclusive events putting such a variety of sports in the hands of so many children.