Red tape and progress!! exciting and scary stuff still!!

So as I race towards the end of week 2 things are progressing well, I never imagined creating my own business was in my future and 12 months ago I thought I knew exactly who I was collaborating with and the path that my projects were on and where the future would take us.

Here I am striking out with my work, owning it and moving forward, the steps in the last 3 months and the support that I have found have definitely made me believe that I can do this and though alone, with the backing of friends, family and people who want to work with me I am not truly alone. We’ve got this – though there is a lack of team when I am doing my usual 3am emailing – lol – apparently everyone else likes sleep!! Does no-one else recall Bon Jovi declaring we can sleep when we are dead!!

So week two saw the school games (always a privilege to wear my county shirt) and firming of a couple of events that will be happening in week 3, new children will have bows in their hands this coming Friday so that should be great fun. We know the weather looks good too so all systems go there.

A meeting this week with a new county who have been talking things over with me, see what we can achieve together there as there are already schools waiting to get on board.

A bunch of primary schools looking to get on board after last weeks events – is there a collective word for a group of schools?

The biggest news from a new set up point of view is the decisions that I have made regarding exactly how to proceed with this, my interest has never been about profit, it’s been about delivering the amazing things that archery can provide and as long as the coaches get paid that’s what counts, however I do incur costs and it has been pointed out that this must stop, so after looking at the various options of social enterprise I believe I have made the right choices and now we wait for the government bodies to check it all over and come back to me.

Today, amongst the very many emails that I have been sending I have also been looking at my shirt designs from Neil at Lionhart who has managed to pull out some cracking ideas from the messy information that I gave him! Now I just need to decide which two I want! Definitely check them out if you are looking for anything yourself.

Right I am off to shoot some arrows now, did I mention that I scored a PB in the short metric round practise this week – yeah!!

Please also be aware that there are been several pieces of serious news this week for my wider circle of family and though you will continue to get replies on the same day they may not be in my usual, swift reply within moments, way.

Take care in the sun please – despite becoming a sun care ambassador I have been a very poor role model for how to avoid sunburn this last few weeks!! I must try harder to look after me too.