It’s Saturday already! And almost Autumn/Indoor season!

So it’s almost indoor season! How do I know this? Rose brought me my first pumpkin spiced latte!! I am strictly a strong black coffee drinker apart from PSL and Gingerbread latte! Oh and an occasional mocha because why choose between hot chocolate and coffee when you can put it all together 😂😂☕️🤔

So, this week has been calls, meetings, training and prepping for new groups and projects. Plus my latest online meeting with those amazing folks across the ocean, it is a little surreal to be involved in projects in different time zones and though I know some of the people creating these projects I have not physically met any of the people holding a bow for the first time! Though along with the photos I sometimes I receive I did get a little email with a recorded video message from 3 amazing 8 year olds. For those who know me, you know I am a hugger and I really wanted a little group hug there 🤗❤️🏹

Working all weekend and prepping for Monday’s conference in Manchester which will be a long day but I think will be fantastic. So only chance of me shooting is in the house, but if the stars all line up I may be introducing someone to our sport and from a different angle this weekend.

Take care of yourselves, enjoy the weekend and catch up with you soon.