Gosh – week 65 – busy weekend approaching for my arrows!

Lots going on this week but I am actually making my own archery important too for a change, big weekend coming up as I only have two outdoor competitions left and whilst I am pretty sure my goals set at the beginning of the season, though they started promising, are out of reach with the issues with my shoulder and hand, I shall await that final arrow to see for sure.

Planning my own indoor season and winter training with next summer in mind but also helping a couple of others with their plans, exciting. What will summer 2024 see us all achieve?

I was blown away Monday to receive messages from 3 different people who have at various times and for various reasons walked away from archery but have reached out to see if I can help them return. I definitely think it’s possible for each of them.

Play their way conference and the latest Children’s Coaching Collaborative catch up online, both very good ways to boost ideas and motivation around what we are all trying to achieve in our own but also across sport all around. Together we can get this right and it’s very important.

Also important is safeguarding and training updates on exploitation and wellbeing. Along with a comprehensive conversation with the Ann Craft Trust. All very thought provoking as always.

The latest Belong webinar and the topic of how sport can build communities.

Huge congratulations yet again to Chris moving from AGB instructor to sessions coach and Duncan from level 1 to Development Coach. Both determined to improve their own knowledge for the benefit of others. Proud of you both and that you both work with me for the aims of Integr8Archery CIC.

I think that about sums up the week. I have been notified that 3 of the awards that I had been nominated for have not seen me shortlisted but 2 of the organisations have said they would like to run pieces on the work in the next year so that’s a bit of positive news at least.

Take care of yourselves and hope to see you soon ❤️🏹