1st October – new AGB year – new start & questions?

Archers know what the 1st October is – the start of the new membership year with Archery GB.

I have received lots of questions this week and even more so today, so it would seem fitting that today is the day I would be doing a blog anyhow.

I have had to retire my red shirt. I now have a club of my own which was needed to fulfil the plans for the projects.

Over the coming weeks the children from my education project will have their memberships processed and their continued progress will be encouraged, especially important as a significant number have set themselves goals as both individuals and teams. I am excited to see what we can help them achieve by their self set deadlines.

Me? I am a member of my club and tomorrow I shall shoot my first competition in my new shirt! I am also thrilled to be joined by one of the friends of Integr8archery who will be shooting with me.

The club has three ranges registered and certified at the moment and there will be more added in the coming months but these are specifically for each group and not for general use.

With this in mind I will be predominately shooting at Archers of Raunds, with time also booked at Long Buckby, Bowmen of Glen, WOAC and Kestrels (double hit as my A4SAC friends are there) to shoot as a guest with my shooting buddies. Whilst the last 15 months have been difficult I have learned that the best place to shoot is with those who I am comfortable to be around and this is my focus.

Coaching? None, this was always going to be the next step if the last coach didn’t work out. I am blessed to have many coaches as friends and I have two especially, who I can call upon and have already proven that they can liaise with each other for my benefit, added in my ace physio to keep me going for as long as we can.

So, there we go, that’s what the new membership year sees me doing.

Thank you to all of you for caring enough to ask and good luck to you all as we move into the indoor season.