14 weeks, schools, communities and coaches

First competition in the shirts!

Here we are, 14 weeks, and it feels like things are starting to click into place, but so much new stuff is happening too.

It felt amazing to shoot my first competition in one of the integr8archery shirts, and I was proud to see my new club name on the target list. Even more amazing to have a friend of integr8archery on the field with me, she’s played a huge part in keeping me moving forward this last 10 months and believes in me on the days I do not. We had said 18 months ago we would shoot competition together and I am actually pleased now that we never pulled it off sooner because it being this weekend made it even more special. Word of warning though for anyone going to Dunster next year, we are there all week and it appears we laugh quite a bit on the range (though not quite as much as I do at flight with a footbow).

The good news is that things are finally starting to really settle for the 2 schools who were badly impacted by the breakdown of my collaboration. I am grateful that both took a chance and after frank and open conversations have continued to work with me and we are building the relationships stronger than ever.

One is picking up their confidence and we have two coaches to work with them and their long term plans to get the school club back on track, the other is back on track for their PE lessons, school club and new group sessions all launching in the next few weeks with the support of three fantastic coaches. We have managed to cobble together a plan with their kit issues whilst that all gets resolved with the supplier, fingers crossed that will be sorted sooner rather than later but it is out of our hands really, though good customer service is worth a fortune in word of mouth advertising.

I have been approached by a new group following the multi sport meeting last week, the first of that particular group I was invited to attend, but always motivating to be in a room with others who share the same goals and I am looking forward to sharing our sport with some amazing chaps and showing them the impact that it can have on stress and mental health. I will keep you updated with how that goes.

Leicestershire schools are bubbling on and the numbers are exciting, as is the contact who wants to work with me to get other community groups in the area using archery to get people moving.

Thank you to everyone who has ordered shirts so far, the first order is all out there now and I am starting to pull together the next order. As the weather is turning colder I have now worked with Lionhart to add hoodies to the list and with big bobble hats to add woolly hats! You know me well enough that my poor ear is never far from a bobble hat! Details are on the Integr8Archery club and friends page.

So, take care and see you soon.