11 weeks, productive whilst respectful

Flight fun

What an unusual week it’s been. We are most definitely living through history following the loss of the Queen on Thursday.

Lots of work done, quietly getting on with it in the background, being respectful of any directions are being issued around what we should and shouldn’t do during the period of national mourning.

My first EMAS meeting following my return to the safeguarding role, very grateful to have been given the time to look after myself before making that decision.

Meetings with 3 schools in Northamptonshire, 2 looking to launch their clubs now that the regular sessions have settled down, resolved some of the issues still working on some details?

My first flight workshop presentation completed and I think I now have some of those archers ready to take it up at competition next year.

Followed by my own day at the national flight competition, bringing home 2 golds, a silver and a bronze but, most importantly having great fun with my flight family. What can I say? Turns out that I love footbow! Who knew! Enjoyed the flight bow too!

Now I am at Wollaton Hall for the European Para Championships then the National Tour Final. Always fun to be amongst the volunteers who put these events on. I will answer queries whilst I am away but be aware that I am doing a lot so will likely be slower than normal in my replies.