81 days – sliding towards 12 weeks

Considering that I have just gotten in from 5 days of volunteering at 2 huge events, I am quite amazed at how much else I managed to get done.

Without a doubt due to the fact that I do not sleep !

New club details almost ironed out but absolutely looking to be ready for the 1st October 2022.

A new school for the Northamptonshire arm of the education project.

3 grant applications submitted for different project groups.

Lots of emails and facetime/zoom calls regarding various things.

A lot of conversations which help me see that yes, I have suffered at the hands of someone and people are unsure what is the best way to deal with it, but they do want to work with me and are excited to see me continue with my grassroots projects and what they might be able to collaborate on to work with me.

I have never taken this for granted because I genuinely didn’t see it as likely. So I am feeling proud.

But, for now, its time to sleep I think.