With respect and thanks

It has been a strange day today, I think we all knew what news was going to break as the day wore on. For me the significant thing, whilst also small for many, was early in the day when the BBC newsreaders had all changed to black ties. This was not simply just news that the queen was unwell.

The breaking news this evening that our Queen had died was sad but not unexpected. A lady who has lived a life of service to the public, a nation, the commonwealth.

I am not interested in a debate around the monarchy.

I am interested in if the media will respect a family who have lost a beloved member.

In the coming days we will live through history, see things many of us never have, state mourning, a state funeral, a coronation.

I shall choose to remember a graceful lady who served us with calm and dignity regardless of how stormy the world was around her. Whose family speak of her with love and fondness and who showed us her cheeky sense of humour, the James Bond scene for the 2012 Olympics, the Paddington Bear scene for the jubilee.

Rest In Peace and thank you for your service.