10 weeks or 70 days? I know, it’s all the same thing.

Courtesy of action happiness

This week things have picked up pace again as people returned from holiday. The quiet spell was good for letting me catch up on my studying, tidy a bit more of the website and get different things signed up.

A couple of smaller events arranged and some funding applications made for some new groups, but without a doubt this weeks big news was definitely yesterday’s latest meeting with the new county. After several months of casual conversation with a like minded person, 2 months ago he set up the first meeting with a group of us motivated to achieve the same thing, I was there to use my archery in education project with them. So here we are, 2 months in, dividing the schools into waves, first wave decided = 17 primary schools each with a group of 12 children! So, in a few weeks that will see 204 children pick up a bow!!!

Wave two is pretty much planned, a combination of primary and secondary schools and a new relationship that will hopefully see archery move into community groups where grassroots sports have already begun to be introduced. Short term and longer term goals set, not a bad couple of months work in my opinion.

Some exciting things happening in the next week which l shall share as the week progresses, thank you to you all for letting me share what I am doing and to those who take the time to message me.

As I often say, it’s always important to say thank you to your volunteers, we don’t need anything big or fancy, it’s why I suggested the volunteer badges to Archery GB, they have made people smile when received. With this thought in mind it was wonderful to receive my card for the time I gave to the European Youth Championships.