Heading towards week 10! planning, planning, planning ….

Almost 10 weeks, but that immediately makes me think that I’m heading towards 13 weeks which will be three months! What do I want to have achieved by 3 months!

Well this week, so far, lots of emails, calls and a couple of meetings regarding archery in education, helping DISC, Northamptonshire Carers get archery back up and running.
A couple of new groups reaching out to see what we can do together.

Collecting kit from a school who have dropped out of the programme, no archery shot there for a year and I have to say, lessons learned about who and how I trust when they spoke to me on arrival to collect! However the kit is going to be used to boost a school who are turning their group into a club and will satellite through Integr8archery Club.

I have joined the Sport for Development Coalition, lots more to come there. Signed up to the Belong network and completed lots there, including my plan and evaluation schedule.

Spoken to EMAS regarding the safeguarding role, my thoughts around the last 5-10 years, explain the last 9 months and where I am currently, what I intend to do to create change. Pleased to say they heard me, believe in me and I am back in the role, I am immensely grateful for their support since I turned to them in May, I needed to breathe and they allowed me to do that.

I don’t think that’s too shabby for 4 days in week 10!