8 weeks, big decisions and hard work but here we are!

8 weeks! This still feels unreal, but here we are.

So, I had to cancel 2 events whilst I was away after being let down and this never sits well with me. I am trying to make arrangements to provide something for the children who have missed out, so hopefully more to come on that in the future.

10 days at Lilleshall didn’t see me stop work on the projects. A meeting with a manufacturer regarding a prototype item that both Integr8Archery and someone else wants, sees that hopefully coming soon, but also a number of other items discussed along with some input (gratefully received), of volunteers sat with us sees several new ideas for new reactive bosses. Those who know me well know how difficult I find it to sit when I am waiting so please remember that 😂 – sorry, not sorry!!!

A chat with the National Governing Body regarding the pilot we had previously built for a new kind of club, just because the original plan has failed because people have stepped away doesn’t mean the plan has fallen apart, and they have given permission for Integr8Archery club to form and run the pilot.

Lots of conversation with my friend Deb Horn, as we have been talking for weeks, sees several collaborations starting and she will also be trying the new club plan, we have each found ourselves at the same point but from different starting places. Excitingly sharing the next step as we each aim for non profit ways to put bows in the hands of children.

Conversations with a number of people around funding for different things, all very positive and I am very optimistic about what we might be able to do.

Just in case that wasn’t enough I had some conversations around the thoughts that I have had about bringing my long held plans to start judging at 50 forward and the amazing amount of knowledge shared with the fantastic team of judges I was caring for certainly helped me with the thinking, for which I am grateful.

To relax a little yesterday we had our latest arts and crafts archery session, this sees us shoot to create tie dye shirts, always exciting and we always get fantastic results. Thank you as ever to Fii for doing the organising.

Right, off to sort the emails, stay safe and shoot strong.