Welcome – exciting but a little scary too!

Hello, be kind please, this is all very new and frankly more than a little scary, I know there’s lots to do to get this website fully sorted, and it’s certainly not my strength!

So, after 5 – 6 years of doing my projects and working at improving all things grassroots either for those unsure how to get into archery or helping those who think their time shooting may be coming to an end, I decided to be brave and give myself and my work it’s own identity. Collaborations are great and sharing ideas is amazing, but regardless of who I am working with I am doing my work.

Recent weeks have made it clear that many people work with me because of my energy and passion for what we are all wanting to achieve and so here I am happy to share that with anyone who wants to join me and see what we can do together.

I have also been asked to reassure that my recent weeks of calm dress code will come to an end and the bright, cheerful, look like I have been dressed by a rainbow carrying unicorn will resume. It would seem what started as a safeguarding idea for my own daughter, which grew to encompass many county juniors, has extended pretty much to most who know me.

So the crazy, caffeine fuelled volunteer who cannot sit still and does not sleep is here forging her path and welcomes anyone who wants to join her along the way.

This will be where I post updates and news and though I may have been a little hidden for the last 10 weeks the work didn’t stop and we started 3 more primary schools and a college with archery and I helped at one of the county’s district schools soft archery competition which was great fun and I am looking forward to attending the county finals event in a couple of weeks where the top four teams from the day will join the others to see who gets the medals!!

Not a high draw!! Flight archery which I enjoy at least as much as my target archery!!