week 87 – 2024 is whizzing by

Sorry there was no update last week.
There is a lot going on at the moment that I cannot talk about yet.
Some personal and some exciting and project related.

I can say that I have enjoyed hearing that two archers who wanted to return to the sport and approached me (entirely unrelated to each other) are both back on the range and sent me messages over the weekend to update me on how those early sessions have gone and both are really happy to be back with a bow in their hands – love it 🥰

Ongoing projects are ticking along nicely thanks to the amazing coaches I work with and who are happy to stay in contact and plan together so they can help groups get on with their shooting whilst I am doing less at the moment.

Another online meeting with my input still valued across the ocean! I love the excitement of those calls. It still feels slightly unreal that I get to sit at the “virtual” table, when I reached out to my friend in 2021 it was for a friend and the opportunities that were created to offer that person were fantastic, they didn’t go ahead but to be asked to consult on community projects after those other things didn’t happen was a privilege and I love the energy of these meetings.

I haven’t had much time to even look at my own bow in the last couple of weeks, so another month when I am pleased I managed to get a score for the virtual league early on 😜🤷‍♀️❤️🏹

I breakdown stats into quarter years, another 4 weeks and I will be at a year and 9 months, I always look forward to numbers – they and the updates and feedback are always motivating.

Stay well and I hope to catch up soon.