Lots happening this week – busy, busy, busy

Lots happening in all areas of my life as I try and get myself ready to shoot on the 7th May and starting my new day job. I call it the day job but it’s shifts so not necessarily in the day 😂 and whilst it’s set to use my years of experience in different ways and be both challenging and rewarding, it’s a great environment and I am enjoying the team and the children.

Gearing up for the events that we have planned, the disability get together to meet with the Disabled Adventurer – or Nick as I know him. This is becoming so much more based on the emails and messages that I have received and I am looking forward to speaking with the archers on the day to discuss my longer term ideas and plans.

The start archery event for Wellingborough Muslim Community that is also a wider plan, 4 sessions planned and incredibly grateful to Northants Sport for sponsoring the days.

On top of this our existing schools and the new ones looking to join with soft, pointy or both types of archery.

Loving the news that some of the instructors candidates from the course that I had to cancel have already gotten themselves new courses and that some have decided, after we have discussed it, that the sessions coach course will actually be a better option.

Take care and see you on the range soon ❤️🏹