A day late – but I had an excuse πŸ™ƒ Happy Easter 🐣

Sorry, yesterday was very busy, as is always to be expected on finals day!

However I sit here having been a small cog in the huge network of staff and volunteers that have pulled off another great event. My third international event now but I have lost count of how many events I have volunteered and helped with for Archery GB. What I do remember are the people, volunteers, competitors and everyone else that I have met along the road. For the most part amazing people.

My family of blue shirts are, in my opinion, unbeatable when we get together. Thanks and respect, as always to the amazing Malcolm Rees who goes to fantastic lengths to get the best imagesπŸ“Έ

I have managed to keep on top of most things, but will be sitting down later and likely much of tomorrow replying to emails, requests and generally getting everything back on track for the next few weeks especially with the events that Integr8Archery will be hosting, exciting times.

This week I received a message from the Royal Volunteer Service to tell me that I have been nominated for a Coronation Champions Award! Winning these is never something that I aim for but I have now been told by who and why I have been nominated and it has blown me away! Wow! Humbled πŸ€—

This week sees me start a new day job, I say day job, I will be working shifts but I am very excited about the challenges it will bring whilst also allowing me to hopefully make a difference.

Have a good week and enjoy those arrows ❀️🏹