Week 40 – volunteering – give it a go!

You must know by now I love volunteering!
I am half way through my 9 days at Lilleshall volunteering at the European Grand Prix. I love being here with these people, we work together often and know each other well. It’s like family, sure we might annoy each other some times and when we are tired – be a little snappy, but we take care of each other and achieve amazing things.

Interested in giving it a go? Put your name down and try it, you don’t have to do all the days but you can do a bit and see if you enjoy it.

What do I gain?

As a competitive archer I know that I can only shoot if volunteers work on the tournament, this is my chance to give back. I have a circle of friends I might otherwise not have met, and they are amazing, they have been taking great care of me this week knowing I am unwell. As someone who can struggle to leave the house when my mental health isn’t good this gives me purpose and this range, out of all of them, is one of my safest places. Also the satisfaction that we put on an amazing event.

It’s been a busy week and I am excited about several events in the coming week which I will explain more about soon.

Take care and have a good Easter, enjoy your shooting.