Saturday morning blog – busy busy busy – but take care

Thank you to everyone who has been patient with me following Tuesday’s cancelled plans and the following couple of days. I seem to have found a pattern to help with the symptoms and so over the next few days will catch up with things whilst being here at Lilleshall so you may find more than normal that my emails are being sent at strange hours, but you expect that from me anyway 😂🫣

Most of you know that I love being a small part in this huge team of, mostly, volunteers who put these events on and I would absolutely encourage anyone to join in. Is it tiring – yes, satisfying – absolutely, but it’s really about the people and they are awesome and it will it take long for you to settle in and feel part of the time – laughter is the key.

I will post links etc later in the week for you to watch the matches.

Thank you to Duncan and Jack for helping me out at the range yesterday, it did turn into more than we had expected but I do love the feeling you get when walking of a range that is ready to go.

Exciting things planned and I did manage to get some things done on a planning front, waiting time on hospital is communicating time!

Enjoy your weekend and May your arrows fly strong, big shout out to Jack and Rose who are shooting against each other today in the semi finals of the WOAC indoor challenge – enjoy it ❤️🏹