Week 41 – time is flying! Remember each of us can make a difference.

I genuinely have no idea where time is racing to!

41 weeks of Integr8Archery! Wow!

Lots of catching up done in the last day or so after I got home from Lilleshall volunteering as a small part of the amazing team who put on events with Archery GB, my third international event, but I learn from every event I help at, regardless of it’s level. Hard work? Absolutely! Long days? For sure! Worth it? Always!!

Always great catching up with friends and they are my friends as they allow me to sit in my pjs when they gather to chill after dinner πŸ™ƒ and they look after me when my body is struggling, no easy thing.

Instructor course, start archery, 4 community events, the disability session at the end of April to name a few …. hard work but so very worth it! New things popping up after sitting in my room alone for 9 evenings with my notepad – never able to turn off my mind! πŸ˜‰

In order to allow Integr8Archery CIC to be non profit and to put on as much as we can at little to no cost for the community I have to remain in paid employment since I have yet to get that big winning lottery ticket πŸ˜‚ and this week will see me start my new job after being out of work for 6 weeks following my fixed term contract expiring. This will see me take on a role that I think will be both challenging and rewarding and I am excited. I think the shifts will make my time adaptable for Integr8Archery too as some people want me on weekends and some on weekdays, so now I will have potential to be flexible around those wants. Most importantly from the Integr8Archery perspective it means I don’t require an income from what I do here.

I saw a quote that I really liked this week:

β€œDon’t leave a place the way you found it. 

Leave it the way you would like to have found it.'”

Ben Ferencz. 

A lot of what I aim to achieve is covered by this I think. If we each do a little bit, together we can achieve so much to make things better. Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Safeguarding – all can make a better world.