Week 24! Lasted a lifetime but some things did get done!

This week started with the funeral of someone special who always encouraged and supported me to do anything and be anything, I shall miss her dearly and will try to remember all of the things she taught me in the time I was privileged to have her in my life. From the coffees she made me to sit and recover from the emotional weekly counselling sessions as she lived close by, to her amazing relationship with my children, definitely a dear friend who’s love I shall carry with me always.

Sessions to catch up on with Northants Sports from the latest NFDS meeting, in particular in regards to the VR therapies and the Special Olympics Great Britain.

I have a lot of catching up to do and apologies to send for missed and/or late communications and I am starting all of those in the morning as I appear to finally picking back up after 5 days of being seriously unwell. If I can make a call I will but most likely it’s going to be majority emails for at least a little while as I recover fully.

As the schools we have been working in are winding up for Christmas it has been nice to hear of the fun being had to bring the term to an end in preparation for their breaks, thank you to Maggie, Chris, Duncan, Jack and Julie and all of the teaching staff who are still using their instructors qualifications across the many schools. Enjoy your breaks and look forward to seeing how 2023 progresses, in particular for those children who have set themselves targets.