22 weeks, it’s getting cold, still outside where we can be though.

Great spaces in the schools who work with us

Lots of admin, meetings and planning this last week.

Without a doubt I am most proud that the club at one of our secondary schools properly started this week, in addition to their curriculum sessions that have been running several weeks. These are the children who have been setting themselves goals and are now making arrangements for having video kit in place to watch themselves back and also these newly formed club members want to make a number of videos to help the curriculum sessions – these children are amazing, a few weeks of shooting, set up their club, set their individual and club goals and already looking at how to coach each other and help their peers improve.

Thank you to Duncan for agreeing to join the Integr8Archery coaching team, I am careful who I choose to engage in projects, and I am thrilled with how my team of coaches is doing and of those who are agreeing to work with me. Also the reserve list of coaches who are looking to help in the future but have currently got commitments stopping then starting right away.

I have learned a lot in the last 18 months about how to select my workforce and it’s most certainly paying off this last 3/4 months as things really start to settle. There is nothing more freeing than knowing that those representing the projects are doing so in such great style.

Chats around data sharing to allow comparisons and best practises and to see how different people working on similar projects can help each other with shared ideas was a very promising conversation.

Also safeguarding best practices and forging a way forward to make positive changes – the future holds great possibilities if we can pull it all together.

Keeping it short and sweet because I know everyone is concentrating on the football, something I love but have rejected in protest this year, the first World Cup I can remember not watching, but some things are greater in importance.

Take care and speak Saturday, I will be volunteering at the indoor nationals so I hope to see many of you there ❤️🏹