19 weeks, all about schools this week!

This is been an emotional week on a personal level so I thank those who have supported me, checked up on me and those working on projects with me – for your patience when I took time to give to the important issues over the weekend, there will be a repeat of this next month.

However, for Integr8Archery this week has been important for schools, two approaches from new schools in new counties, early days but potentially very exciting. Progress on existing schools and this week saw the first session delivered at Weavers Academy- thank you Chris, the first curriculum sessions at Wrenn – thank you Maggie and updates on the latest group at Roecroft Lower School – thank you Julie. This week between these three sites we have seen 65 children pick up a bow for their first taste of archery. Thank you so very much ladies for helping these schools on their way to sustainable archery.

New members registered for Integr8Archery club and a bunch of paperwork coming back for my next batch. Meetings is the theme of the coming week, along with shooting with an important young chap and of course my first session of my Disability Coaching Course, just my luck the trains are disrupted that day! 🫣😂

That’s it for today, short but important I think. I am proud of all of my work, but getting new people involved is always exciting. Have a good week, catch up soon ❤️🏹