18 weeks and what we all know, collaborating is stronger than competing against each other – strength in numbers!

Sorry Gareth, almost all of the photos of Deb and I have at least one other person in them! 😂🫣

What I have long believed in, is the power of sharing and supporting each other. That coming together with a common goal allows us to achieve so much more than if we see each other as competition and we try and hide what we are doing to keep it for ourselves.

I have known my friend Deb Horn for a long while and since we both volunteer at Archery GB competitions we often chat about what we are doing and how we are getting on. In short, we both have a passion for our sport and what we can help people gain by bringing it to them. We both have been working exceptionally hard in grassroots sports with a significant interest in children and how we can bring archery to them in any education setting.

Whilst we have both started from different points we found ourselves in the same place as far as barriers and issues towards what we are trying to achieve. I had already spent hours in meetings with the national governing body looking at what we could do to move some of these issues. Then when I thought we had found a solution, the club who were going to be collaborating with me and my archery in education project to pilot our plan, stepped away. As I worked on how I could adjust my plan and make a new way forward, whilst preventing the same risks occurring later down the line if I work with anyone new, I found myself at Lilleshall chatting with Deb and the issues we were each facing. So I shared my newly revised plan and asked if she would like to run a second pilot along side me.

A meeting in August with Archery GB to explain what we wanted to do, looking at my work which they knew in detail and describing how Deb found herself in the same place via a different route and the agreement was made. Middle of September some final details sorted to make it work in practise and off we set. Integr8Archery Club had to launch by 1st October through urgent necessity but now I can proudly say my friend is ready to go with Arcus Archery!! 🥳

So watch this space because I believe that over the coming months we shall prove that supporting each other in common goals only makes us stronger and that there is no place for divisive attitudes. We want a world where equality, diversity and inclusion are the norm and we have both seen, for ourselves, what not just sport, but real examples of what archery can do to help change lives. Exciting times ahead Deb Horn lets see what we can do and I am proud of what Integr8archery and Arcus Archery will support each other to achieve.