Enough! Sorry but if you need Aim4Sport contact Aim4Sport.

I have spent 6 months answering questions on ranges, at Lilleshall, emails, texts, messages on many platforms. I answered what I could, whilst I could and now repeatedly reply to the same people that I cannot answer your questions, I do not have the answers.
The shop and the training centre are closed, you may still have outstanding matters – I cannot help. The business is still there – I have never been part of it, you may not be getting answers, I cannot get them either.

In fact you are much more likely to get answers than me, I am blocked on every communication platform.

I also have things I need, and so much information I need to give, but I cannot.

Yes there was so much being planned, yes some of you were going to be a part of those things.

If you have been reading here you know I have kept some of my projects, yes they had been collaborating with me, now they are not. You will know that I also had to leave some of my projects behind, along with work I had done in collaborating on theirs. Yes, some of those projects had been tied together to create amazing things and I have had to pull my work out of that.

I passionately believed in what we would achieve and what was planned from May to October would have showcased it all. I have apologised to every single person who I have had to cancel plans on, who I have had to disappoint.

You can work with me, of course you can, stop asking if I have walked away from everyone – look! Here on this website!

I cannot however, help you any further with anything in regards to aim4sport, either the business or the club.

You need to contact them, if I cannot get my own answers I certainly cannot get yours.

I did not create the issues, I am sorry that they are there for every single one of you.

Please now stop messaging me in regards to Aim4Sport, the impact on my mental health in the last 11 months has been significant and I am incredibly grateful to the circle that has formed around me since January to get me through everything so far, but I need you to stop with the messages about Aim4sport, the business and the club, the impact those messages and my inability to resolve matters for you is incredibly detrimental to my continued healing.

I am sorry to everyone of you who thinks I have failed you, I did not walk away. I did not cause any of this and if I could make it right for all of you I would.

Kindest regards and well wishes as we each continue to make a difference through the power of the sport we love.