7 weeks – a day late – sorry !

European Youth Championships 2022

Firstly apologies for this being a day late, I am away volunteering at Lilleshall and I am not sat still for long. It is, however a great time, with great archery friends supporting each other whilst we pull off what has so far been a fantastic event. 
I am looking after the judges and they are a great bunch of people from all over Europe and prove again that our sport can create the feeling that we all belong to one big family.

If you want to consider volunteering at these events please take a look at the ArcheryGB page for more information.

This week has still been busy despite me being away for much of it.

A meeting with the new county who are looking to launch the education project in their area, sees us having possibly 31 schools who wish to consider being part of the first wave as a pilot. Equally amazing and exciting. 

Talks with new suppliers and manufacturers around what we want, both existing items and the development of new products. 

There have been some disappointments this last couple of days too, but I shall cover those in greater detail in my mid-week update as I am shattered and have another packed day tomorrow. 

stay safe, speak soon – and I will answer lots of emails tomorrow, if you are waiting on something.

Thank you to Malcolm Rees for the photgraphs – as always – great images