It’s been a month!!! wow – where did that go????

28/6/22 – With the help of people who believe in me, I put out my idea of how to move forward after weeks of crying about what was happening, and within 12 hours we had come up with a name, I had the most amazing logo and a plan.

24 hours later with the help of a couple of people who proved they had buckets of patience – I had the makings of my website.

Fast forward a month I have taken on and fulfilled some new events , I have tidied up existing projects , moved them forward, and I am creating huge new relationships.

I am currently working on a possible 8 primary schools and two secondary schools in Northamptonshire. 3 events for the summer holidays and working with 2 groups who are new to Integr8Archery.

Along with partnering with a new county that so far has a possible 12 primary schools and 5 secondary schools.

This week? So far I have been to Lilleshall for 2 days of the youth festival to support some juniors who’s parents reached out to see if I could go over and, whilst there , had some productive conversations with people at Archery GB around a number of things, which may lead to me being on some new working groups later in the year.

I am incredibly grateful to have had people support me and look at different things with me, never do I take any of it for granted.

Hopefully in the next few weeks some things I am working on in the background will be in a position to have me make some announcements – so I am still excited and nervous – but now I am also a little bit brave and a little bit proud!!! Oh and as always I am winging it 🤪😂 every single day!!!