Week 89 – busy busy and the BBC

A busy week, I love handing full control over to groups to manage themselves and step back and just be there for guidance and mentoring. Several of those this week. I look forward to seeing them when they discuss reviews and at the arranged drop ins. Empowering is most certainly one of the greatest aspects of what I aim for.

Not much gained in time as a number of new requests for one off or multiple sessions and another couple are groups dusting off old kit that hasn’t been used for some time. Let’s blow those cobwebs off and get some arrows shot! Love it.

In the middle of all those meetings an interview with the BBC regarding access to sports for those with disabilities and I always have a great time with Deb who took up the invitation to join me and fling some arrows and add her thoughts to the interview. Looking forward to the piece being aired and seeing everyone from across the county discuss the topics.

Busy, busy in the day job, studying going well – all 3 courses that I am doing!

At home? Some answers to some health questions, some of which we are starting to come to terms with, some which have raised more questions! Slowly plodding forward and looking at what long term adjustments are needed and for who. Family will always come first and especially my children and hopefully the many arrange appointments will help us, those who know me know I always state knowledge is power, and that might be to help us find ways to recover or just the answers to find ways to adapt and adjust.

Tonight I am off to an evening of multisports coming together, I always enjoy these environments and sharing ideas and thoughts on how we can help each other to improve access to sports and activities for everyone.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it to the NFDS meeting due to other commitments but I have been updated and will move my actions forward.