Week 79 + 2 days 🫣🤨😋

End of week blog is late? Yes, yes it is. 2024 will see me relax a little a little about some of my commitments. I will do an end of week blog, these are important to me and I know some enjoy reading them, when I want to there will be a mid week blog. I will not stress and push myself for dates and times to do things that timings are not crucial for. I work full time on shifts and sometimes, for a variety of reasons find myself picking up extra shifts or having to stay late. These are important, my welfare, my family’s and the young people I work with, if I blog drops a little late, the world will continue to turn.

Yesterday was the first anniversary of dad’s death, I took the day for me and I am blessed that my children stepped in to care for me and spend time with me, resulting in good head space and much laughter.

I have been asked what my resolutions are for 2024, I don’t make resolutions. I have looked at the continued progress of looking after myself and how I can best achieve that. Lots of hospital appointments coming up in the next few weeks, answers will hopefully help, I have long since held the opinion that knowledge is power, knowing the answers gives me the power to look after myself. I have signed up to red January thanks to my activity partnership reminding me! Who better to get you moving? I have also started my jar of thanks – every day for a year you write down something that you are thankful for and drop it in there, it fits well with the work that I do from my therapy too.

Finding hope or good in every day may help with my PTSD and anxiety, anything that might reduce the daily fear and urge to flee can only be a benefit, I’ll let you know how it goes. Building on the work I have done is part of looking after me and that gives me the strength to do what I do for everyone else.

I have a lot of meetings and calls booked in for January and these cover a range of existing projects and exciting new opportunities, I will update you on these as they become relevant.

I have plotted out competitions for both indoor and outdoor seasons and put my name down for a whole bunch of volunteering.

I hope the return to normal after the holiday season hasn’t hit you too hard? See you all soon on the range somewhere.

For now I am off back to building my models with the supervision of Jack who recalled a conversation from 3 years ago and got me my first warhammer set. He’s not wrong, good for my head and almost physio for the fine motor skills with the issues I am having with grip, clever man, my son. It’s never surprised me how many archers enjoy warhammer and some of them have been great to chat with this week too, thank you.