Week 78 – 18 months – numbers! 🤩 Thank you so very much

As you know I keep track of my stats and what I am achieving to make sure it’s worth the many many hours given to everything that Integr8archery CIC was set up to achieve. I complete the weekly update and most weeks a midweek blog drop too to keep you in the loop. As you know the 6 and 12 months stages I updated with stats.

So here I am 18 months! A number of groups are continuing to work with us on a regular basis, frequency varies from group to group.

But today I am concentrating on new hands on bows from June 2023 – December 2023 –

Education including primary and secondary schools and colleges = 384 & 32 = 416

Children in foster care = 13

Community Groups = 81

Disability sessions = 36

The group sessions for those in refuge saw us work with 25 individuals and I am proud to say this period has included a group of men, having previously been just women.

So a total of 571 individuals picking up a bow – (inclusive of soft archery but mostly pointy) in the last 26 weeks

Also 4 archers who had stopped shooting feeling that they had no place in our sport have spent time chatting with me and are back regularly shooting.

Thank you to everyone who lets me share my passion for this sport that I love but also to the coaches who work it’s me, you are all amazing and between us there’s not much we cannot achieve.

I have also attended:

8 training sessions/courses,

9 webinars/seminars,

16 meetings

and 5 conferences.

I am excited for the very many things planned for 2024 and continue to be motivated by what is being achieved by Integr8archery CIC.

There’s lots to share with you all in the coming months and these figures only tell part of the story as you will soon see.

I hope that you have enjoyed the holiday season so far and wish you all a very happy 2024 and I do hope it’s filled with love and laughter for you all ❤️🏹🥂