Week 71 – thank you everyone 😊

My memory feed shows that it was a year ago that I explained things needed to be fluid for a while as I needed to put family first. I was going to be spending frequent time with my dad and family as we prepared to loose him. I didn’t have a time frame but I would warn you when I would be unavailable and keep you informed so you knew when I would be slower at answering. You were all amazing and that has continued ever since. I have long term family commitments and I keep you informed – thank you for always paying attention.

To allow me to do everything I need to the day job allowed me to condense my every other weekend into 1 in every 4, this works fantastically for my family commitments but also has great benefits for me and the young people I work with. It means for 56 hours over 3 days I am pretty much not available for you all.

You have blown me away, you don’t make demands, the messages I get over those weekends are checking on me or letting me know about your achievements or silly photos from ranges – I don’t take it for granted that for the most part people know Integr8Archery CIC is me, no one else here to run it and you understand that the 25-30 hours a week I give are as a volunteer who has a demanding full time job, family commitments, my own archery and I do some occasional volunteering in other places.

So thank you, it’s not much but it’s all I can say. I am grateful for all of you and the support you give me.

The last few weeks have been tough, there’s so much going on for me that though recently tempted to explain in summary, I won’t at this time and thank you Ben for being my sounding board. Dealing with a significant safeguarding issue for over 3 years can be draining and hard at times not to scream publicly at the world but maybe we’ll get there eventually.

Issues at the club are close to resolved with repairs being completed so hopefully things will be back on track soon, I never understand what people gain from deliberately damaging or destroying things that belong to others and this is no different to any other example.

Event planning moving forward for lots of things in 2024 so I am going to be busy for a while 😜

Have a good week and see you soon, looking forward to shooting some arrows this weekend and happy to see some competitions starting to fill my indoor calendar ❤️🏹