Week 70 – what a week, officially shattered

Well it’s been quite the week! I think the people who spoke with the NGB may have mis-judged the outcome because for those I support through what is happening which triggered my comment on my private, closed space have seen the threat to me a a rallying cry! I took a lot of calls over the weekend to discuss my next steps but also what they were prepared to do to support me and also what their next steps are in their battles for the truth. The next few weeks and months could be very interesting and I have some decisions to make myself.

Whilst all of that was going on I have continued with everything else because life doesn’t stop. Meetings, webinars and some conversations around some events. Plus a couple of reviews for exiting projects. All exciting and positive. I never cease to be amazed at Integr8Archery CIC is achieving and it’s most definitely something that I am incredibly proud of. Is it hard to sit on the outside alone? Absolutely! At the same time it means that whatever is being achieved is honest and focusing on the goals. I am proud to be achieving my not for profit community aims. Money takes away the focus on doing what I do for others and giving.

Excited that I have my new cams and can’t wait to get my bow back up and running and ready for 2024. This is my solid weekend where there’s no shooting as I literally am on house from 14:30 Friday to 22:30 Sunday, but definitely worth it for the time it gives me with family focus and how I get to commit to shooting for the following 3 weekends. Without a doubt my job is demanding and exhausting but I have never had something that feels less like I am dragging myself into work. Definitely made the right choice there.

November starts tomorrow so those who know me well know I will scatter awareness for Epilepsy awareness, a subject deeply important to me. It’s also when we have the annual reclaim the night event and as usual I will be attending as I believe it’s incredibly important and certainly something I experience the impact of on a daily basis. If you can join an event local to you I would definitely encourage it. Without a doubt one of the most moving things you can experience is the naming of the women killed in the last year with the end note of how many additional names there will be before the year ends.

Enjoy your week, stay safe in the forecasted storm and catch you on a range soon.