Week 68 – apparently all about planning

I was told I should quit my sport, taking part in it, sharing it, taking it to those who haven’t tried it. I didn’t, but I did quit on me instead. Luckily others didn’t.

I still wobble but I look back on this last 68 weeks and I am proud of what I have achieved. I can’t always achieve what I want, and some things are paused whilst I work on solutions. This week has shown me I might be close to a few answers 🤞🏻🤞🏻 it’s also been a week of planning for the future. Dates going in the calendar for 2024, training – some significant starting in the next couple of weeks, events, new groups, existing groups but it’s making the sunshine as the winter approaches and the temperatures drop. Exciting!

I need to pick up my bow, avoiding it and the changes isn’t helpful and I need to grasp that 🫣and get on with it. I have goals I am not going to get close to without shooting arrows. I have withdrawn from the last competition I had planned for outdoors though as I can’t see me getting what I need to hit the goal I set in March but what it’s shown me is how very much stronger I am mentally. I am disappointed but not devastated – I will take it.

First aid in emergency situations renewed today, interesting doing CPR with the hand that’s not working but I did it so that’s another positive!

Short but sweet, that’s it for this week, a couple of long days ahead so be patient please as I work towards getting to the weekend and answering whatever the week brings me. Have a good week folks ❤️🏹