All weather sport, right? 😂🫣❤️🏹

For the most part the weather doesn’t appear to have gotten the memo about it being summer! 😂

We archers drive around with a car full of clothing for every weather as we often get 4 seasons in one day, but the wet is getting a little boring for now.

This weekend sees the first of the three flight competitions which will happen over 5 weekends and see the 2023 season in the bag, so rain or not I am off to Cumbria for the first of them. Great to catch up in person with my flight friends and then fling some arrows, flight is what I love the most.

I have been working hard to find somewhere to host a competition down here and the grounds I had though I had sourced fell through but now if we can make the timings right I might have an alternative venue that will see us add another competition to the flight calendar 🤞🏻

So whatever this weekend sees you doing, take care and enjoy yourselves ❤️🏹 I will see you on the other side of the weekend 😊