Week 55 – my week!

This week is a little strange for me, I never put me first and it’s been hard to resist answering emails and messages. I have answered a couple of urgent questions and I am monitoring them but will deal with them properly after I get home.

This week was and is important to me and my recovery and I am enjoying the experience – I would suggest that this is the closest to flight feel on a target range and I am loving it. I am posting an update every day and next Tuesday’s end of week blog will be a complete write up on Dunster and we are definitely coming back next year.

I have had some interesting conversations around seated and also both mental and physical health. Lots to consider and process and see how I can pull it all together as some absolutely fits in with work that I am doing already it has seen me planning and making notes around the things bouncing around in my head. Just because I have pressed paused doesn’t mean my mind has stopped.

Sitting still? Nope! Just ask poor Clair who had to follow me as I flitted freely around on Saturday as we explored places I love and new places. Or when she’s having to tolerate me dancing in the supermarket 😂😂

She has been with me in he darkest places she deserves to be with me on the good days too.

I hope that you are all doing well and I will catch up properly when I get home but I do carry you with me and think of you even whilst I am taking time for me 🥰❤️🏹