Running towards that 1st anniversay 🥰

This week is flying by! So much to do! 2 delivered sessions for different groups this week so far and two this weekend! Not sure bout that rain cloud that’s heading this way, time for it to pass before the group start shooting at 13:30 though 🤞🏻 whenever I tell newbies that ours is an all weather sport they never look convinced in those early days, once the shooting bug has set in they won’t mind the wet at all.

Had a couple of planning meetings, looking good and managed to shoot some arrows of my own! Imagine that!! Still struggling to get passed the 58% of my desired arrow volume though Dunster week will help there 😂 getting excited now, only a few weeks left and we booked our accommodation over a year ago! I make no apologies for how often I am going to mention it in the coming weeks 😂😂

Chilled over some fletching this morning – always good to clear the head and blast some music!

Good luck to my friends shooting the masters at Lilleshall and those shooting the 2nd Caswell. Let me know how you get on 😊

For those resting, or do something different this weekend – enjoy it😎

Catch you Tuesday folks