Sunshine and arrows ❤️🏹

Ok so it’s gonna be a hot weekend folks, please stay safe, sun hats, sun cream, hydrate and when you can get out of the sun and into the shade, difficult for archers I know and even more so for those of us who sit and have agents. Think carefully about both short and long term risks please – I became a sun ambassador and I push this often so you likely stopped hearing me and see it as nagging but it’s important 😎

Another month done for the #greatarrowcount and my stats have been submitted for May to AGB. Still not found the balance between the new job and my shooting so April saw me shoot 60% of my desired arrow volume and May only 54% but lots of arrows planned for this weekend so hopefully I can get back on track soon. Across the 2 months I have had 5 scores to submit and things seem to be starting to settle after the required tweaking though I think there’s still a bit of fine tweaking to do.

I have lots of news and though it’s different it all links to a particular topic and I am going to save it for Tuesdays end of week blog as that feels appropriate. So far this week it’s been lots of meetings and I have lots of emails to send over this weekend so please bear with me 🤗❤️🏹

stay safe and enjoy the weekend