Week 49! Eek! That 1st anniversary is so close!

So what’s been happening this week? Lots of meetings! Planning and some great things coming which I will be announcing from next week, but inclusion, health, disability and more schools news are all in there as you would likely suspect.

I have had time to process the decisions I had to make last week and come to terms with having to hand it all over to the correct people and they are dealing with it all going forward, whilst sad it reached that point I mostly felt numb for a few days but now it feels lighter, I can concentrate on what I am doing and the aims I have for Integr8Archery and my projects. Thank you to those who reached out and supported me, knowing the decisions I made would not have been easy for me.

I always thank those who work with me on any projects and that shall continue, I am not happy that some people have asked not to be thanked publicly as they get to be made to feel bad for working with me, particularly strange when the person in question who is creating that is still working at some of the locations that I invited them into as part of the education project! So they can do it but others can’t? Interesting theory!

I have been asked to share my knowledge with other people doing similar things, some in archery and a couple in other grassroots sports, I always enjoy sharing ideas and trying to cut down those early planning stages, being involved in the long run isn’t necessary in all cases and some people keep me in touch with how they are getting on, always lovely to hear. So many people across so many sports trying to achieve the same things and by working together we can achieve more. Celebrating and supporting each other is all that we should be doing not trying to bring each other down or refuse to share knowledge.

I have actually found a little bit of time to do some planning for my own shooting this week too! 😱😂❤️🏹

This coming weekend will be packed with my own arrows so that will be great for my headspace.

Enjoy your week and I look forward to seeing some of you on the range soon. Take care of yourselves please.