Busy, busy, busy – planning πŸ§πŸ˜‰πŸ₯°πŸΉ

So very much to plan, exciting things, buzzing with what is happening and as details are firmed I will of course, share. Also catching up on a number of things as it was a crazy few days in the day job and I literally struggled to keep my eyes open in the chair at the hairdressers as we waited for the colour to take! Whilst a sign I am in a place where I can relax also a reminder that I have taken my eye off the ball and stopped paying proper attention to my blood whilst running around after everyone else 😱🫣 annoying because I have worked so hard and it will take weeks to fix what I have upset in days, so whilst disappointed in myself I promise I am getting back on it! I know someone in particular who reads these who will rightly be a little cross with me. 😬

So, remember – look after yourselves please you are just as important as everyone else πŸ₯°

So as I sit here with my portion of the world’s worst breakfast cereal 🀒 that is great for me but I swear is the same experience as eating gravel πŸ€”πŸ˜‚ I have made my list of things to do this weekend and I have 23 important emails on there – so please be patient if you are one of them. You should hear from me by the end of Monday, but lots being planned for schools and community groups.

Not had a great deal of time to shoot properly this week so thankful for the short rounds and my clingy band that at least keep the body thinking about how to shoot an arrow.

I have managed to log into good old teams for 3 different multi sports get together to discuss aims, issues and ways forward for grassroots sports and how we can achieve things together. One of the great things that came from the pandemic – the ability to come together virtually.

Enjoy your weekend, let me know how you are getting on, no matter if you are practising, competing, recovering and a big shoutout to my friends and family in Northants – busy weekend with the first round of the inter club and the first Caswell this weekend ❀️🏹