33 weeks and school/club/community partnership agreed 🥳

If you have followed any of what I have done in the last 2 years you will be very aware of the archery in education project.

Having already worked in schools in small ways the approach by Northamptonshire Sport in May 2021 really allowed me to focus on what was achievable with Archery in schools and we now have archery in curriculum, elective sessions, after school and school clubs depending upon which school you visit. Some have multiple sessions from the list.

However, 1 school in particular, has shared our goals for how we would like to work together and with the community benefiting from the partnership.

Meetings and ideas and discussions around what we can achieve mean that this week we have agreed the partnership between Integr8Archery and Weavers school in Wellingborough.

Weavers have elective sessions whilst we await instructors and session coach training and we can look at the curriculum sessions. The Weavers/Integr8Archery school club will be fully completed in the next few weeks and Integr8Archery Club, which includes the school club, will be shooting weekly at Weavers on Saturdays and Sundays.

There will also be:

A one day event

A two day event

both indoor and outdoors with dates to fit with the county and AGB planned events. We look forward to announcing details of these 6 days of competitions soon and to jointly hosting archers at our competition events. We will be starting with the indoor season 23/24.

These events will be to raise funds for the school archery and also the projects for Integr8Archery which is a not for profit community interest company.

We have been approached by a number of people to provide beginners courses and more community groups who want sessions for various things. We now have a place to host these, some will be free and some will have charges which again will fund the school archery and the projects of Integr8Archery.

We are incredibly proud to see what we can achieve by working together as a school, club and community interest company to achieve our goals for the local community, not least our belief that by offering young people alternative ways to spend their time and provide access to sport we might improve or change lives and hopefully help prevent even 1 person making the choice that sees young people find themselves in a situation that they feel impossible to leave, and we know that unfortunately in current times this situation is leading to increased street violence which is more frequently in the news.

So, we have lots of things planned and more announcements around this partnership in coming weeks but we are very excited about how we may fulfil our goals together.

On a personal level I would like to thank in particular Magnus and Scott at Weavers and Chris and Ben at Integr8Archery Club. There are others who have helped by listening to me at all hours too and my dad was thrilled as we sat on New Years Eve and I discussed how close we were to finalising our plans. I am grateful to have people who believe in me.

Take care and speak soon.