Great things can come in unexpected ways

Teachers strikes, I am not debating the rights and wrongs of strikes, I rarely air politics publicly – as a result of spending most of my working life employed by central or local government.

My daughter was home on Wednesday as a result of the strikes and we weren’t really sure what to expect for the school club, only 3 out of 15 children attended. Initially seems disappointing however, it gave those children the chance to have some focussed time with their coach to really assess how they were doing. So I am taking it as a positive that we had the chance to have the opportunity to spend focussed time with those 3 children.

The coaches who work with me are amazing and I do not take for granted that their enthusiasm never wavers and they share my ability to sit round a cuppa, discuss any issues arising, bounce ideas to find solutions and then we laugh off those moments where we might have had the urge to scream! They accept my ability to bounce on a sugar high without me actually having had the sugar 😂😂 something many find infuriating but they know that it’s the root of my ability to think outside the box and that allows me to find solutions to the situations that present themselves.

I am weird and quirky and some see that as terrible, but life has taught me the ability to see things differently to most, the experiences that gave me that ability don’t need to be shared but it’s the positive that I take from them and I use it to look at issues that may be a barrier to giving someone the opportunity to try something new. It doesn’t always work but it certainly does regularly and my coaching team embrace my crazy ideas because together we make them work and successfully get bows into hands.

Remember to say thank you to your coach and anyone else who helps you, even in the smallest of ways, to be appreciated is often what gets them back out there on their bad days.

Thursday was Time to Talk day.

I don’t hide my struggles with mental health, they have been there for many years. They have definitely had good spells and bad spells and since November 2021 there has been an incredible battle for me.

May 2022 was definitely the worst for many, many years.

My focus, with the help of a small number of people is to learn to carry what happened, what caused it and shuffle forward.

The ability to talk is so incredibly important click the link and take a look at the information from Mind, I understand that talking about mental health can be scary but you may make a difference.

A few of the coaches who help make my projects work, I am blessed to have so many who share my goals and I will try and introduce them all over time ❤️🏹