Week 29, tough decisions but for the right reasons

Going to be a while before I get to shoot properly so maybe it’ll be shirt sleeves again by then

2 weeks, 2 weeks since the person who never stopped believing in me left us. He was so interested when I talked about all of the projects my friend and I were working on, so supportive of the massive things we were aiming for by pulling different projects together to form huge plans. I sat in the living room planning things for months whilst chattering to him. Last April I spent the afternoon in meetings in my parents kitchen with solicitors and the national governing body and my friend. At the end of that day so much was ready to go.

When it all screeched to a holt as my friend left, dad was there, telling me I could make things work if I put my mind to it.

That Tuesday in June when I woke up with a plan and a bunch of amazing people giving me their thoughts and support dad was again so very interested. Over the coming months he would chat and ask questions about “your little business”. Proud of my aims, grassroots, inclusion, accessibility, schools and of the work I have been doing in safeguarding.

New year weekend we sat and talked of my plans, he had seen the numbers in my week 26 blog and was proud that I was achieving those aims that I had set out to. He wanted to know what I intended to do in 2023 and beyond. We knew that within days he would be gone and that I wouldn’t have his ear to chatter into about “my little business”, but my mind is full of his thoughts, opinions and ideas and as I move forward I will be able to hear him still even though he’s not there at the end of the phone.

Right now other promises I made him are my priority as I only get one chance to get these next few weeks right and so everything else is getting a short term reduced time from me. That’s still around 20-25 hours a week! I have some people who are helping me with the load and I am incredibly grateful for their support as I am exhausted.

So, lots of emails, a few meetings and the power of remote communication.

My bow is pretty much set down at the moment but I have pencilled in plans with the right people to pick it back up for outdoors.

My disability sports coach course has had to be deferred and we are yet to find out if this means that I will loose my place, I seriously hope not because it is incredibly important to me and dad was so supportive of me taking it on and what it would mean for the future.

I have some in person meetings this week in my couple of days at home, I am excited for what we are planning in regards to schools and this will see some of those things step up again and again I am grateful to the time and understanding those schools have given me in recent months whilst I put family first.

So, if you are waiting on something, odds are you will be hearing from me by the end of this week and nope, nothings stopped, it’s just not at my usual manic speed right now, but don’t worry I am assured that people have seen that kicking in this last few days.

Don’t forget I don’t sleep so you will likely see that emails are sent in the night, no I do not expect you to reply in the middle of the night 😂😂❤️🏹

Take care of you, remember I always love hearing how you are getting on and I will always bounce around my ideas to help think outside the box so don’t stop sending me those messages.

Thank you to my crazy friend for driving in the night to give me a hug and talk dad, archery and remind me I have people, even though I am not used to it or even know how to have people ❤️ and to the very many who have messaged and called and FaceTimed 😘