Integr8Archery Club and Friends ❤️🏹

If you have been following us a little while or even just had a quick look around the website, you will know we have our own archery club and that we are a little bit different, this allows us to fit our aims and our needs together quite nicely.

We get asked if people can join, yes – absolutely. So we are a hybrid club, as a regular member you can pay your AGB fees via us and we will be your first club. We are also a school club and as such have school satellite sites dotted about. Why is this important? It really only impacts you from a range perspective. We have 4 school ranges registered to the club, this will be increasing to 6 very shortly. These are not open to anyone but are specific to our groups who shoot there. At the moment Integr8Archery Club doesn’t have a range of it’s own for regular members, simply there aren’t enough of us in one place, this may change it may not. We have members around the country. For some we are actually their second club as they want to support us and our aims but they are too far away to shoot with us on a regular basis. These archers are also choosing to have a club shirt and often, in place of their name on the back, choosing to put the name of their first club to allow them to support both clubs with one shirt, an idea that I love.

I did say I would let you know where and when we will be so that when you want to join us to fling some arrows you could join us. For those of us who are local to Northampton I have chosen our main shooting spot to be Archers of Raunds and these are my second club. Why? Simply the hand of friendship that they have extended me, over the last couple of years especially and they are one of the clubs involved in the archery in education project. When I discussed the needs of Integr8Archery Club they didn’t hesitate. So I would like to take this opportunity to thank them again for the support that they give me on a personal level and also the work I do at grassroots level.

There are some other clubs you will likely see me pop up at as these are where my shooting friends are and where I have always been welcomed – Long Buckby has the advantage of my friend and county captain who allows me to pick his knowledge when things aren’t right. Banbury Cross is another warm welcome and my aim as I settle back into routine is to visit these 2 clubs once a month if I can. In the summer I try and get to Bowmen of Glen at least once a fortnight as the company is great and of course I need to settle and get over more often again to my shooting buddies at Kestrels which again was easier in the summer but definitely worth the effort. Don’t forget the clubs that extend a welcome for us to shoot have shooting fees and some require a pre-booked lane.

Usually I love competition and spend most of my Sunday’s doing just that, I’m working on it and will get back to it and when I start booking places I will let you know so that you can join me if and when you wish as some of you have suggested that you would enjoy this as a way of getting together.

So that’s hopefully answered some questions, if I have missed something don’t be shy – ask. See you on the shooting line soon.