21 weeks, it’s cold! Illness doesn’t stop everything, emails can be sent from under a quilt 😂

Pretty much the expression that I have been mostly wearing this week

So week 21 saw me hit with germs and mostly sleep. Turns out the already poor functioning blood doesn’t do recovery well!
However, despite all of that, I did manage to get some things done.

Conversations about how we divide the Muslim community group into smaller manageable groups to introduce to archery. I am thrilled at the choice made for our first priority and I cannot wait to see them start.

A couple of new groups reached out and though early, I think they both look like we immediately have a plan of action so it’s going to be exciting over the coming weeks.

Schools moving into club phase, and the numbers of children wanting to extend their archery from curriculum to club has taken me by surprise but I am thrilled that they are enjoying it, setting themselves goals and seeing it as an alternative to hanging around the streets after school finishes. Most definitely proof of those conversations I had in the early summer at the knife angel event.

Whilst I had been disappointed when first hearing of the weekend’s training for my Disability Sports Coach course being postponed, by the time the weekend came around I was actually pleased as I likely wouldn’t have been able to make it, but it did give me time to plan and suggest ways that I can maximise my days in London for placement days so it wasn’t wasted time.

Lots of talk around well-being, some general but some specifically around issues arising, sometimes a coffee and sharing thoughts is all it takes to see a way around a blockage in communication. It is always a privilege that people see me as someone they can trust for these conversations.

A fitting point, perhaps to remind you all that it’s safeguarding adults week, if you want to know a little more the Ann Craft Trust is a great place to start.

Several other project issues this week would point me to the belief that within the “art of repetition” we could use improvement in the “art of communication”.

Within the three Monday schools sessions 7 children picked up a bow for the first time, these are the things that keep me moving forward on the days I might quit and Monday afternoon seriously was another of those “why am I doing this” moments.

Gratitude to the friends who reached out and made me laugh and reminded me that I love this sport and I am passionate about what we can achieve with it. So I guess I will stay a little longer 😉 (we know that I am unlikely to go anywhere really).

Finished the week with a smile despite the illness and wobbles