16 weeks – time is flying by!

Last outdoor competition of the season

So, what’s happening?

Lots in the background and the coming weeks will see a lot of work put into action. Meetings with archers, facilities, suppliers, committees, multi sport groups, basically planning, planning and more planning.

Some exciting things in the pipeline for new groups focusing on support and inclusion and particularly showing what we already know, that our sport is amazing for helping with your head space, mental health and stress can be helped by the simple art of repetition that we all spend so many hours taking part in.

New schools, existing schools, activity partnerships, new relationships to work together and strengthen what we can achieve through the power of helping people access sports in a safe and welcoming environment. Plans for next outdoor season bubbling away and firming my list of coaches interested in helping with the goals of what I want integr8archery to achieve.

4 new people who have reached out based on what they are reading to chat about their ongoing archery and if what they want is achievable, realistic? One of who is a novice disability archer who is wondering if they can succeed at becoming a coach!
Those who know me well know that I am a huge Disney fan so ” if you can dream it, you can do it” was easy to quote.
But seriously I have two wheelchair friends who coach at different sports and one is also a personal trainer and dance instructor (though just in case he’s reading I have yet to be taught how to dance – just saying!).

So when asked why I am posting twice a week? Firstly I am a person in charge of a community interest company and I think it’s incredibly important that what I am doing can be seen, but these things I write, sometimes they strike a cord for the person reading them and they reach out and chat, the power of community is so very strong and I have spent years working on my little piece of the community in which I give, this has never meant that I need to be in the same room and I have friends that I have known for years who I have never physically met but we are so much stronger together because of the support we provide each other. So I will continue to write twice a week and share, because I am actually surprised at some of the things that are the bit that people read that connects us.

To prove this point, following Saturday’s blog, I had people thank me for sharing and also talking about the difference I have made for them in times that they were considering leaving the sport and how they are pleased I have chosen to stay and continue the work that I am doing. Never underestimate the difference that a kind word, a smile or a hug might make. I appreciate those who stay in touch to let me know how you are getting on, I enjoy your news and successes, we each measure our own success based on what we want and I celebrate with all of you.

This week? More meetings and calls to firm up some plans and some more funding applications for some of the groups, so enjoy your week and thank you for joining me so far. ❤️🏹 I never take any of you or the time you take to read what I am doing for granted. Thank you 😊

I might, one day, learn how to take a photo with a serious face – but to be fair i haven’t in the 47 years so far 🫣😂