Where did those first 3 weeks go!! Amazing

wow! 3 weeks, it’s been busy and I still have so very much to do but I can see it coming together and the support and help I have had has blown me away. It’s entirely taken me by surprise how many people believe in me and want to work with me. I genuinely didn’t know – so thank you all so very very much.

So the paperwork to register as a Community Interest Company is sat in the inbox of a civil servant, having been one for so many years I know I just have to wait for that to be processed and I can guarantee you will all know as soon as I do, what their reply is.

I have a shirt design, now I just need to get them ordered because we know archers look at shirts and this will be huge to get it out there.

So, what has happened in week 3?

A fantastic meeting with a new county that looks like once we get going will very quickly become as big as Northamptonshire. I have collaborated with 3 counties in small ways and it’s nice to see them doing their thing, any new experience is what we want regardless of numbers. This however, did really show me exactly what my knowledge and experience can achieve, how quickly the ideas can move because I have all of that to draw upon. Already emails have been sent out to ask for schools to pilot, a number of clubs looking to join us, 3 local authorities and the school groups. Amazing what can be achieved when you sit 5 like minded people around the table for 2.5 hours.

A visit to a local inclusive sports club run by Northamptonshire Carers wanting to restart archery after a 5-6 year break. A wonderful couple of hours and so much planned for what we can make happen there to get them up and running and self sustaining in no time and the interest of 2 local clubs offering support.

A day of archery at Wrenn School for a hard working group of young carers. Despite the crazy temperatures they had a fantastic day and it was a pleasure to spend the day giving them the experience. So many plans made for the next academic year to get them up and running as a club and to have archery put back into their school curriculum. This is definitely going to be one to watch, those children have plans. Big thanks to Maggie and Jack for their help on the day.

I never take for granted that people allow me to support them and as I sat doing mountains of paperwork on Saturday I received a text from an archer that I have been supporting through their change. In short, they didn’t feel that they could stay, they felt in the way, a burden to others at the competition. Why? The biggest battle with change is your own mind, it’s so very very hard. However, can I just ask that we all think about what we say? A comment in passing by someone just knocked the confidence that he had in being there. It was likely said without thought or intention, but I have witnessed and experienced those comments, I know the damage that the can do. Ours is possibly the most inclusive sport there is, there is a place for everyone. Remember that you do not know what battles anyone else is facing to please so to quote Thumper in Bambi – “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all”

I am pleased to say that with some encouragement and support he stayed and finished his day, I know what it is to leave and how hard that makes it to go out to the next competition, I also know how lonely sitting on that line can feel. Well done my friend, I am proud of you.

To end this week’s round up I must thank Gaynor Hutchison at GH coaching services who has delivered 6 weeks of archery for 2 groups at Greens Norton Primary School along with a series of sessions at Northampton College for a group of SEND students. The feedback is that all 40 students across the three groups have had an excellent time. Your work has been very much appreciated.